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Monday, May 11, 2009

School is Back in Session

Well, we officially started our summer session today, although I think we were busier than ever during our April "break". This session, I'm trying to cram in less classroom time and instead build off our co-ops and field trips, explore unit studies and incorporate more games, art projects, science experiments and "hands on" learning. I've also added in some at-home activities just for Ava and a daily "life skills" lesson for Noah. He is taking out the recycling as I type! For the first week of our new schedule, I'm going to try for daily posts on our day's activities.

So without further ado . . . here is our Monday:

Reading: "Horses" (library book)
Life Skills: Take out recycling; water plants in garden
SLC Co-op: Horse lapbooks
Critical Thinking: Dr. DooRiddles
Math: 2 subtraction worksheets
Game time (math): Sum Swamp
Outdoor time: Walk Madison
Other: Online chess & Scrabble

My Amazon order came in over the weekend, and Noah has been itching to get into Sum Swamp. He absolutely loved it, and I did as well. I think it will be a wonderful learning tool and see many, many games on my future.

Aside from all the work for the lapbooking co-op (I led this one), it felt like a very nicely balanced day. Although the one thing I've learned about homeschooling thus far is that even the most perfect schedule is - at best - a very rough outline, I'm quite optimistic that this new schedule is a winner!

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