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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All Aboard for a Train Co-op

I still remember the day Noah's fascination with trains started. After his second birthday party, we opened gifts (which took ALL day since he wanted to play with each one before moving on to the next) and he pulled Thomas the Train from a bag.

That was pretty much it for the presents - and for all other toys for the next year! Even though he wasn't talking much at the time, he could tell you the difference between a steam and diesel engine within a few weeks. And although his passion for trains has cooled a little, they're still a favorite topic.

So you can imagine how excited we were for this week's SLC co-op on trains. We tooks a look at trains of the past, present and future and learned about train safety. Best of all, we made plans for our train field trip later this month; we'll be riding the Amtrak round trip from DeLand with a stop in Winer Park for playtime and a picnic.

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