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Monday, August 24, 2009

Medieval Castles

Today we continued our study of Medieval Times with a class on castles and castle life. The kids received swords and princess hats to prepare themselves to become lords and ladies of the castle. After a story and short video on the features and functions of castles, the kids had a chance to make their own. Ours still needs the finishing touches (bricks and a drawbridge) but is turning out really cute!

While Noah was drawing the door and windows on the castle, Ava helped me cut strips of different colors of cellophane for our stained glass window. We made identical cutouts in two sheets of black cardstock, then glued the strips of colored cellophane in between. The end result looked fantastic!

While we're disappointed to be missing the final class in this series (about knights), we'll be enjoying our vacation and looking forward to diving into the makeup materials when we get home.

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