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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Homeschooling in Orlando - Orlando Philharmonic

Today we attended a Young Person's Concert by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. Held every fall, the Young Person's Concert hosts homeschool and private school children for a one-hour concert. This year's theme was "The Nature of Music", so we heard pieces inspired by water, animals and even the Grand Canyon.

After sending in our registration, we received a teacher's guide with the concert program, an overview of each composer and guidelines on what to expect during the performance. Also included was a CD with music to be played at the event, along with a resource guide that explained each piece, what to listen for in the music and how it related to the nature theme. Additional resources included pictures of the various instruments and an orchestra map showing where each instrument would be located on stage.

The performance began with the Star Spangled Banner, during which 20 students were invited on stage to lead the audience in singing the anthem. Before each subsequent piece, the conductor did a wonderful job of talking about the composer and his inspiration for the song. Listening to performances by members of the Orlando Opera Company and seeing dancers from the Orlando Ballet perform to Swan Lake added to the experience.

While today's event and the upcoming October 7th concert are sold out, an additional show has just been added on November 12th. Tickets are $5 for children and adults, and registration information is available on the website.

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