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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Field Trip - Day 2

We had plans to visit DC on Sunday but ended up enjoying a relaxing day at “home” instead. My aunt and uncle’s place is beautiful, set on 1 ½ acres in the country and much like someplace we imagine ourselves living one day.

After breakfast, we took a walk down the road, and the kids collected fall leaves for the lapbook (and for fun). My cousin and his wife joined us for brunch; their daughter is just a few months older than Noah, and Noah has been looking forward to seeing her for weeks!

That afternoon, we decided to skip the day’s field trip and just let the kids run and play in the backyard. Jim and Noah threw the football which Ava and Aunt Marilyn picked up pinecones and explored the yard. Of course, Uncle Tony and I took tons of pictures to document the day.

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