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Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Field Trip - Days 6-8

Is it lame to lump the last three days together like this? I'd envisioned a post per day, but seeing that I'm home and unpacked already . . . well, let's just say that didn't happen. And while the final three days were loads of fun, they weren't exactly packed with educational opportunities.

On Thursday, we enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with about 50 of Jim's family members. They all meet at the same hotel each year to spend Thanksgiving together. A "no cook" Thanksgiving was nice, but I have to admit that after reading about all my friends' vegan Thanksgiving menus on Facebook, I kind of wished I was home and cooking for the holiday! After dinner, the kids went for a dip in the (indoor pool) while the grown-ups talked and played games.

Friday morning was the family breakfast, followed by - what else? - shopping! We hit the mall directly across from the hotel, more out of desire to get out and walk around than anything else. Every other year we make the trip north for Thanksgiving, and it's become a tradition to get a family ornament from the same little kiosk at the mall - so of course, we got one of those.

That evening was one last family dinner before everyone packed up and headed home on Saturday. The drive home was really nice (at least as far as long, boring drives go), and included a stop on the side of the road in West Virginia to throw some snowballs!

We arrived home very late on Saturday night and spent Sunday unpacking. Today, we reviewed some materials from the BEP and finished up our trip lapbook. More on that soon . . . very soon!

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