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Friday, January 8, 2010

Fun, custom handwriting worksheets

So handwriting has never been something we've practiced just for the same of practicing it. I like that many of our curriculum books - including Singapore Math, Language Smarts and Dr. DooRiddles - require enough writing for Noah to get a good amount of practice each day.

However, since I never actually taught him how to write - it's one of those things that he just started doing on his own - I realized that he was having some issues with proper letter formation - especially with lower case letters. I jumped online looking for answers and was thrilled to find a free site that lets you create customized handwriting pages.

Simply enter a sentence, and it creates a printable worksheet. You can choose to have the sentence printed once at the top with practice lines beneath (as pictured) or for earlier writers, the sentence can be repeated on the entire page for tracing. Either way, the kids get a dot to remind them where each letter begins.

We've been doing one per day all week, and I've seen improvements already. I wasn't sure how Noah would like them (he gets bored easily with any type of repetition), but he loves writing the fun phrases about himself - Noah likes to ride bikes . . . Noah's dog is named Madison . . . Legos are fun . . . I've even been using them with Ava just by typing one letter several times with spaces in between and repeating it on the entire page (she is working on a letter a day).

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