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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Walking with the Peabody Ducks

One day after Christmas, Jim and Noah took off for an all-day mountain biking adventure, and I was looking for something fun for a date with my princess. We decided on something I'd always wanted to do - go to the Peabody to see the ducks walk. It was so fun that we wanted to come back with Noah, so I scheduled them to be Honorary Duckmasters in early January.

This past weekend, we braved the sleet (yes, sleet) and drove down to the hotel, where they met Duckmaster Brooks. He shared a little history behind the famous Peabody ducks and explained how he gets the ducks down to the fountain in the hotel lobby every day.

From there, the kids each grabbed a special duck cane and rode in the reserved elevator up to the "duck palace". We walked the ducks into the elevator, and - when the doors opened - followed them (quickly!) down the red carpet to the fountain.

After the ceremony, Brooks told the kids a little more about the ducks and presented them with their own Peabody (rubber) duck and Honorary Duckmaster certificates. He was great with the kids and really made it a special experience for them.

If you'd like to treat your own little ones (or yourself) to this experience, you can reserve a spot by calling the hotel directly.

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