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Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics

So somehow in the middle of Odyssey coaching, duathlon training (kids), half marathon training (me), our winter bellydance halfa and a zillion new work projects, I thought a co-op on the Winter Olympics would be a good idea. Which of course, it was until I had to actually sit down and do it.

I cheated a bit by putting the field trip first. Last Monday, we visited the Ice Den at the RDV Sportsplex to learn about figure skating, ice hockey and speed skating before taking to the ice ourselves. We had a great time, and it bought me another week to do the work!

As always, I learned a lot myself when planning the co-op. To be honest, last week I had no idea there was an Olympic sport called Skeleton! Despite my recent time shortage, I loved putting it all together and planning some fun activities for the kids.

We'll see a timeline of Olympic history, learn about Olympic symbols and make a Venn diagram comparing ancient to modern Olympic games. Then, we'll dive into learning about the winter sports, color the Olympic rings and make our own gold medals (while listening the Olympic Fanfare, of course).

Tomorrow is the big day, but I'm putting the materials up in the download section now. Feel free to use them to complement your own Olympic studies - and be sure to check out the Canada unit to go with it.

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