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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Learn to Skate Classes at RDV Sportsplex Ice Den

Last week, the kids wrapped up their first series of Learn to Skate classes at the RDV Sportsplex Ice Den. After seeing how excited they were to skate over the holidays, my mom gave them the gift of lessons for Christmas so their skills could match their enthusiasm.

Noah had been on the ice a total of four times before starting the classes, and Ava had only been twice. Eight weeks later, Noah is zooming around the rink and Ava - while still a bit slower - is definitely holding her own. Noah wanted to continue lessons, so we just signed up for another session, after which he plans to begin their Learn to Play Hockey program!

As a homeschooler who loves to be out and about, I've seen a lot of classes for kids - some quite exceptional and some . . . not so much. Overall, I've been really impressed with the Learn to Skate program. The classes are well organized and age appropriate, and the kids have fun and learn great skating techniques. Best of all, all participants receive one free public skating session per week to practice their skills - we've been logging lots of ice time lately!

Eight weeks ago, I would never have expected my son to be the proud owner of hockey skates and other equipment. But it appears the skating thing is here to stay . . . for a while, at least. Ava has decided to stick with her bellydance and ballet classes, but I've already seen her eying the figure staking costumes in the pro shop. We'll see . . . but she wouldn't be the first in the family to take up a new hobby entirely for the cute costumes!

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