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Friday, August 20, 2010

"Field Trip Friday" - Homeschool Day at Florida Aquarium

My kids love being on the go as much as I do. If we all had our way, every day would be a field trip! We’ll be home more this year, but every Friday, I’ll be sharing a field trip that we’ve done or have planned, along with how we tied it in to our studies at home.

I've been talking so much about cars lately that I've almost forgotten I still need to prepare for the other unit study we're doing this summer - oceans. This was Ava's pick to learn about for fall, and although I'm not sure exactly what we'll be doing yet, I know it will kick off with a trip to the beach and a visit to the Florida Aquarium in Tampa for their homeschool day.

This will be our first time visiting the aquarium, but if their website is an accurate representation, it looks wonderful! On Thursday, September 9th, they are offering special activities and discounted pricing for homeschooling families. The event runs from 10AM until 3PM, and the cost is $5/person plus $6/car for parking.

For those living closer to the Tampa area, the aquarium offers monthly, hands-on science classes for all ages. The 200,000 square foot facility features more than 20,000 aquatic plants and animals from around the world, as well as a 2-acre water fun zone. Special activities include Swim with the Fishes, a beginning scuba adventure for ages 6 and up, Dive with the Sharks, for certified scuba divers ages 15 and up, a backstage Penguin Pass and a Wild Dolphin Ecotour in Tampa Bay.


  1. My kids LOVE it there! I think you're going to have a blast.

  2. Thanks, Jan! It looks amazing . . . I'm just trying to figure out how we can see it all in just 5 hours!