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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Field Trip - Sarasota Classic Car Museum

Here I am, I've lost track of how many hours later, still doing my car homework. Amazingly, I feel smarter already! In addition to the material and graphics for my lapbook, I've found some great videos to share with the kids during our unit study . . . and I've also stumbled across some great field trip ideas.

In addition to the aforementioned Ferrari dealership, we're definitely going to check out the Sarasota Classic Car Museum. We're planning another trip to the Tampa area in September, so hopefully we can swing an overnight and see the car museum the next day. Jim also suggested at trip to the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing in Ocala, so we'll probably check that out when we head to the kids' triathlon on Gainesville next month.

I'd be neglectful not to mention that the Daytona 500 Experience makes a great field trip for this unit. Definitely worth a trip if you've never been, but I took Noah a few years ago - and he recently attended a race at Daytona with Jim - so we'll probably pass.

Other than that, I'll be keeping my eyes open for local car shows and events and see if I can talk some car-crazy dads into doing a class. I'm loving how this unit is coming together!!!

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