Is it possible to be a dedicated homeschooling mom while still making time for myself as an individual (a girlie girl who likes cute shoes)? I like to think so. Follow along, and I'll let you know for sure.

Trust me . . . it's not ALL about the shoes.

Monday, September 27, 2010

"Me Time" Monday - Still No Excuses

It's true that Monday isn’t the first day that comes to mind when I think of having some time for myself. I’m more likely to spend this particular day tackling mountains of laundry, piles of dishes and otherwise catching up from a busy weekend. So each week, I’ll be making a point to try out a new idea for “me time” and reporting back every Monday, when we all need inspiration the most.

I'm happy to report that week 2 of "No Excuses Exercise" was also a success, despite my hubby being gone on business the entire week. The night he left, my workout came at 10PM after getting the kids in bed and a little work done, and I whined and complained the entire time. On Wednesday, my mom took the kids so I could go to dance class, so I managed to sneak in a workout before I left. Other days, I used the kids' quiet time or just bribed them with a movie. No excuses, right???

Already, I'm noticing a huge difference in how I feel, and I'm hoping that's enough motivation to keep the excuses at bay!

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