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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday - Please (Please!!!) Share

Ever get struck in the middle of a crazy, hectic day by overwhelming wave of gratitude for being able to share a special moment with your kids? Well, that’s what Thankful Thursday is all about. Each week, I’ll aim to share a special moment that I would have missed had my kids been away at school . . . and I’m counting on all of you to share yours, too. It will give us something to reflect on during those other six crazy, hectic days!
I'm coming up dry today, so somebody please inspire me. Our first week has been rocky, and I'm not feeling terribly thankful today (cranky and irritable - yes; thankful - not so much). I'm hoping hearing some of your highlights will help pull me out of my funk. Anyone???


  1. I'm thankful that we live in and area with so many h/s opportunities and so many families nearby for support, encouragement and ideas. In these uncertain times, I am also very thankful that my husband has the skill and the resources to give us the financial stability to h/s. I know there are many families that are facing trying times and that would be a difficult distraction while trying to h/s.

    It will all fall in place, Jessica. Your kids are thriving and with someone as bright as Noah, I'm sure your methods will always be fluid, not just year to year but month to month even. Don't sweat the day to day, in the end your kids are light years beyond many kids their age!

    I'm also thankful for Ben and Jerry's for weeks like this! :)

  2. I'm thankful my daughter's MRI went well yesterday. I'm thankful we can put off surgery for a few more months. I'm thankful it's not as serious as what some of our friends are going through right now.


  3. Thank you, ladies! Yes, homeschooling is such a small part of life although it can seem overwhelming at times. I too have so much to be thankful for, even if not much of it happened in the classroom (at least this week).

    Candi, I'm so glad you got some good news about your daughter's health. That is wonderful news!

  4. It is not Thursday anymore, but I am thankful to have other homeschooling moms that I can talk to and my kids can learn and play with. I love seeing the kids interact with other homeschoolers.

    Yesterday it was so great to talk to you and hear that I'm not alone with some of the struggles I have. I don't know why but it was such a relief : ) Now I feel like I'm up to switching things up a bit.

    So, thanks!

  5. That's a great one, Lateria! I'm very thankful for that, too. And yes, talking yesterday made me feel better, too. Can't wait to hear what "switches" you have in mind. :)