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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Teaching Tool Tuesday - Mad About Money Week 2 Curriculum / Lapbook Now Available

Don’t tell, but my wish lists at Lakeshore Learning and Amazon are much longer than the one I have at Honestly, I’m a complete sucker for books and educational games, software and toys. But this past year I’ve honed my ability to discern which tools will be fun once or twice and which ones we'll use over and over . . . and I’ll be sharing our favorites with you every Tuesday. 

Week 2 of our Mad About Money unit study at co-op was delayed a bit due to my anniversary weekend. We finally covered "Keep the Change" this past week, so I'm sharing the curriculum and lapbook pages on the blog. 

The curriculum includes the history of coins, including the problems with early coins in the United States. It moves on to cover the denominations of modern coins, how they are made and the state quarter program, with experiments on coin flip probability and cleaning pennies.

The corresponding lapbook pages include a Venn diagram comparing the original and current U.S. coins, a map of U.S. Mint locations, details on your state quarter and a "Decoding Coins" activity.

Both the lesson plan and lapbook template for Week 1 are already up on the blog and since I'll be teaching Week 3 on Thursday, look for those soon as well!

As always, I'd love to hear from anyone who uses the curriculum and see pictures of your lapbooks over on the Homeschooling in Heels Facebook page


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