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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Disney Homeschool Days

My original title for this thread was "Disappointed in Disney", but I scrapped that and figured I'd let you all form your own opinions. So now that I haven't influenced you at all, here's what I received from Disney last week about their educational programs.

Disney Youth Education Series -  Individual Enrollment
This special program offers individual students and small groups the chance to participate in real-world learning experiences at Disney Theme Parks where they will discover newfound insights, skills and knowledge.

·         Available on select dates in January, February, June, July, & August 2011.  September and October dates will be released at a later time.
·         Students ages 5-18 are able to participate and special tickets are available for the entire family
·          Add-on dining at select locations by purchasing Meal Vouchers
·         For details on our Winter Programs, please click here.
·         For details on our Summer Programs, please click here. 
·         Register Today for the Winter Programs @
Disney Homeschool Days
Disney Homeschool Days at Walt Disney World® Resort gives students the opportunity to learn in the most magical way of all — Disney-style.  

·         Come “Explore Disney’s Wild Side” January 24 & 25, 2011 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park
·         Special Presentation on African Cats: January 24, 2011 at 10:00 am
·         Additional Disney Youth Education Series programs may be added on to your experience.
·         Add-on dining at select locations by purchasing Meal Vouchers
·         Register Today @ 
·         Stay tuned for more information on a Fall Homeschool event in October 2011!
Now, let me just put it out there that we love Disney and all the opportunity that exists for learning in the parks. But right now, I'm just feeling a little jilted - because Disney obviously doesn't love us back.

Beginning in 2010, they stopped accepting annual passes for park admission on their official homeschool days and for Y.E.S (Youth Education Series) programs. So in addition to $1000 for annual passes and up to $50/person for a single educational program, we would now have to purchase a (discounted) ticket for park admission.

Noah and I attended at Y.E.S. program on How Things Move back in September 2010, and it was phenomenal for him to learn about different forces as they apply to some of his favorite rides. And now, just looking at the amazing program offerings - ranging from every type of science to American history to animation/production - makes me wish we could attend them all . . . and even more annoyed that Disney is making it financially impossible to do so.

While they seem to be catering to the out-of-towners on this one, they're certainly overlooking the fact that Florida homeschoolers are the ones spending money in their parks every month of the year. Not to mention that it certainly would be nice to give a little break (and it's not even a break - we've already shelled out for annual passes) to those of us who are directly funding our children's educations and often sacrificing a second income in order to homeschool.

Okay, that's my rant . . . what's yours? Am I way off base on this??? Or is Disney the one missing the mark? Please leave a comment and let me (and who knows - maybe even Disney) know how you feel about this.


  1. I agree that it is pretty unfair. With the amount of money that passholders spend on passes and food through out the year, I think it stinks that we need to pay additional park admission for the day? What if I just showed up at the park that day? I wouldn't have to pay extra. It doesn't make sense. How much are they charging passholders by the way?

  2. We have annual passes and would not be participating in an program that would require the purchase of an additional ticket. What a ripe off!

    I could understand requiring people to purchase a ticket and not just get gated in by an employee, but annual passholders have all ready paid a bunch of money for admission!

    Thanks a lot Disney for being money hungry and not taking care of your annual passholders.

  3. we live about 4-5 hours away, but I have no desire to go. we are not into the Disney thing. We did a Lego Homeschool Day once. it was OK. but I'd rather go to an amusement park for amusement. (and certainly they will learn something, even if it is just to check the railing for chewed gum before touching it.... or don;t wear a white Tshirt on the water raft ride)

  4. I agree, I live near the So. Ca park, and we've had passes in the past, and have attended a couple of the un-official homeschool days...I agree that they have made it impossible for most homeschoolers to attend. We don't have passes right now, it's a big chunk for several kids plus mom...

    I'm visiting from the homeschool hop! :)

  5. I just emailed Disney last week about the extra ticket issue. We would love to go, but it does not make sense financially. :(

  6. Hi ladies. Thanks for the comments and sorry for the delay in replying. I had to e-mail twice to find out the cost (couldn't find the info in the e-mail they sent or on their website). From the pricing matrix she sent, it looks like the minimum purchase is a 3-day ticket for $150/person, which includes one YES program. Crazy!

  7. I just found this site and I am very excied but wondering if you are still out there Jessica. I have just started homeschooling my 8 y/o and I am looking for some support. I love your site and hope that you are still out there (looks abandoned to me) along with other homeschooling parents. You can e-mail me @ hope to hear from you soon!!

  8. Hi Carley. No, don't give up on me! Still here just taking a little breather. There are tons of resources for homeschoolers in this area. I'll send you an e-mail. :)

  9. Just finding this post after googling how to homeschool at disney...not knowing they had programs I was super excited! Not finding prices made me even happier (I assumed my yearly pass would get us in!) Boo to finding your post and finding out, it indeed does not! I am 2 years early in my homeschooling adventure but already scoping out a game plan for their futures. Id love to hear about resources in the local area as well and will be bookmarking your site for the future! Thanks!

  10. "Boo" is right! I keep hoping their policy will change, but so far, they are still sticking to the "hard ticket" policy.

    Fortunately, there are TONS of resources for homeschooling in this area. What part of town are you in, and how old are your kids?

    If you haven't already, check out the Disneyschooling homeschool group on Yahoo - lots of fun learning at the Disney parks without the outrageous costs.