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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baseball Unit Study

Here's the summer fun we started on today - an impromptu baseball unit study. Noah played spring ball this year for the first time. His team won the league championship, he was named "Most Improved" player and - most importantly - he loved every minute of it. For a kid who has tried everything from hockey and martial arts to horseback riding and triathlon, I'm glad that he's finally found something he loves enough to stick with it.

A few weeks ago, I saw a few baseball books in a toy store and bought them impulsively, but it wasn't until a friend e-mailed me about Amanda Bennett's baseball unit study that I thought about making in a more structured course of study. But with a few resources falling into place, I've decided to make this a fun, mini-unit for easing us back into school this summer.

Here's what we're using:

- Amanda Bennett unit study
  (four-week unit with a huge list of links and other resources)
- The Everything Kids Baseball Book
  (on sale for $3.58 right now at Amazon!)
- Babe Ruth Saves Baseball
- Baseball's Greatest Hitters
- Baseball's Best: Five True Stories
- The Boy Who Saved Baseball
- The Kid Who Only Hit Homers
- Several Netflix documentaries
- Baseball camp (Noah attended last week)
- Attending baseball games
- Plenty of batting practice!!!

We hadn't planned to start until next week, but Noah was so excited that we're partway through our second book already. Looks like I hit a home run with this unit!

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  1. Hahaha! Love the pun there in your last sentence. :)