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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ancient History Unit

On my way to the homeschool convention this past May, I had no plans for our history curriculum this year. My plan was to just go and see what struck me - and it worked.

My first find was this Evan-Moore: History Pockets activity book on ancient civilizations. From there, I built around three main courses of study - Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome - and some additional study on Mesopotamia, China and the Aztecs. So far, I'm really loving this book and am so excited about all the great resources we've assembled for this year-long unit.

Since the kids are taking Greek Mythology (along with an Art of the Ancient World) class at SPARK, we started with Greece and will be going back to catch up on Mesopotamia and Egypt once those classes wrap up. I've found the Evan Moore book to have a great balance of factual information and fun activities.

So far, the kids have their Ancient Greece pockets filled with colorful Greek theater masks, Greek god/goddess puppets, important vocabulary words and all the notes from their mythology class. Later today, they'll each be making up their own Greek god or goddess and telling a myth about them, and next week (our final one spent on Greece), they'll be creating the Parthenon and writing a postcard to tell everyone in the modern world about life in Ancient Greece.

In addition to the Evan-Moor book, we've been using BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. videos and these additional resources we're using to supplement our study of Ancient Greece:


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