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Monday, April 9, 2012

New Homeschool Classes at SPARK!

A brand new Super Six Weeks of homeschool fun begins next Monday at SPARK. "Food for thought" is the theme for the next six weeks of art, science, geography and architecture! 

In these 6 weeks, we will learn a little about the nutrition of food and all the other things that food can provide us with. We’ll paint beautiful landscapes with dies made out of vegetables, fruits and spices and make a sandwich out of clay!!! Prepare to have a blast!

Week 1 - Stamp art with fruits and vegetables
Week 2 - Paint Landscape with food dies made out of blueberries, beets, spices, green leaves, etc.
Week 3 - Still Life with fruits and pastries in oil pastels
Week 4 - Printmaking- Making cards with food impressions
Week 5 - Clay Sandwich
Week 6 - Recycled paper fruit sculpture 

What better way to enjoy science than with food??? For the next six weeks, the SPARK science lab invades the kitchen for some Kitchen Chemistry, Eggsperiments, Conducting & Crystallizing and more! 

Have you ever wondered how much goes into designing a themed restaurant? Not only does the designer consider the programmed functions of the building and how they are organized (dining areas, kitchen, restrooms) but he or she must also decide how the building looks from the exterior and how the interior spaces are shaped and treated.

The lucky kids at SPARK who participate in this class will learn from our own architectural designer who is a specialist in themed restaurants. The students will be exposed to ideas on how to go about designing a restaurant for several culinary experiences! We will touch on Mexican, Italian and Japanese vernacular architecture in the process, and each student will learn to wrap all these new thoughts into their own set of drawings for their own unique restaurant! 

Why do people eat what they eat?
What did the ancient Aztecs eat?
What did the first Colonists eat, and how did the American Indians help the Colonists survive?

Through our exploration of the history of food, students will act and think like nutritional anthropologists to investigate food that is eaten around the world today. They will learn how the climate and geography of a region affect what’s for dinner, see how science and technology have changed our diet and explore how canning, freezing, modern farming and air travel have changed the way people eat.

Classes are $10.00 per class if paid individually ($1.00 sibling discount). Save 10% when you pay in full for all 6 weeks (Payable in 2 installments). Preregistration is required. call 407-679-7775 to register today!

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