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Sunday, April 26, 2009

We're Finally Letterboxing

I don't know why I resisted letterboxing for so long. We had plenty of friends who did it, but it took me a while to see the appeal. One day I realized that it was a like a big outdoor scavenger hunt all over the word. We like the outdoors! We like scavenger hunts! And we would love to go all over the world! It occurred to me that it might be a great family pastime on the weekends and when we travel, so I set out to learn about how it works.

Letterboxing North America has a great website with the basic info on how to get started. All we needed was a stamp, a log book (I let each of the kids pick their own) and an ink pad - and of course, some good trail names. Most letterbox enthusiasts hand carve their stamps, but I bought ours from Michaels just to start out - and honestly, because I'm just not that crafty.

Then, we checked out the Atlas Quest website for a list of boxes hidden nearby, along with clues on where to find each of them. Each letterbox is hidden in a public place and contains a stamp and log book. You stamp your mark in their book and their mark in yours. Simple, but really fun!

So far, we've found four boxes and even planted one of our own:

The Sleeping Dog and Tink are new to letterboxing - and having so much fun they couldn't wait to plant their first box. Planted on Easter Day 2009, their box is appropriately called Silly Rabbit. So where is it? Well, in the spirit of one of their first letterbox finds, they decided to plant it at their favorite restaurant. They happened to be going there for Easter brunch for what some people might call "rabbit food". So head downtown Orlando to Ivanhoe Row, and you'll find their favorite spot (and the best vegan food in town!) This place is comfy and casual, so have a seat on the couch. Relax, stay a while, maybe even play a game. Once there, you'll be "all aboard" for your next letterboxing adventure. If you need any help, "Thomas" will lead you to your find.

We've looking forward to another letterboxing adventure with friends this week and can't wait to take our stamps on the road for a little traveling later this year.

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  1. Yay! The "J" Birds can't wait to go on another hunt with The Sleeping Dog and Tink.