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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

Ugh! It's really lame to have my Cinco de Mayo post on May 6th, isn't it? Unfortunately, I got caught up in work last night and was not in the posting mood.

I was excited to tie Cinco de Mayo in with our study of Mexico this month, which would have worked much better if I hadn't pushed the start of curriculum back a week.

Since we hadn't yet started our Mexico unit, we spent yesterday morning at the library looking for books about the holiday. We've just started taking advantage of our local library (crazy, I know) to let the kids pick books about their current interests. So in addition to books about gardening, composting, horses, Chihuahuas and mountain biking, we picked up one on Cinco de Mayo. Afterwards, we headed to meet friends at our favorite restaurant, Ethos, for a vegan Cinco de Mayo feast and some outdoor playtime at Lake Ivanhoe.

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