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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tomato Thursday

Even though Noah's been insisting on counting them everyday, there's still something special about our official days to count and graph our tomatoes. We're up to 35 - still all green. In the coming days, we'll also be updating our garden pie chart since we've added a number of new plants.

Noah is truly hooked on gardening! At the farmer's market yesterday, he talked me into a banana pepper plant and got Grandma to buy him a Gerber daisy. We planted them yesterday, along with my new cucumber plant and the seedlings from the Earth Day festival.

Apparently I don't do well with seedlings, because less than 24 hours later, they show few signs of life. Sigh. Perhaps this is a sign that I'm taking on too much and should stop while I'm ahead. After all, the goal of this growing season was to keep a select few plants alive and let the success encourage me to do it again - next time (rather than right now). I think I will try to nurse them back to health, then refocus Noah on planning our summer garden. As long as he can plant something, he'll be happy!

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