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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Grass Is Always Greener

Today was one of those rare days with absolutely nothing planned; we literally never left the house. Now when I'm running like crazy all day, the idea of a day at home sounds amazing. But such an occasion arises, I find myself slightly bored. The problem inherently lies in "at home" part because my home is my office.

There is always "house work", "life work", "family work", "school work" and actual "work work" lurking around every corner. I'm always left feeling like I didn't accomplish much (because the "to do" list is always longer than what I've actually managed to do) yet at the same time had little quality time with the kids (because every five minutes I run into another piece of "work" that needs to be done). Kinda makes my whole day seem like a waste, and I don't like that. Solution? Anyone???

On the positive side, we did have plenty of time in the classroom so Day 3 of our new schedule went pretty smoothly:

Reading: Starting Point Science, Galactic Goodnight
Life Skills: Clean room, take out recycling
Wildcard Wednesday: Bread making
Critical Thinking: Dr. DooRiddles
Math: Subracting 0, 1, 2 & 3
Game Time: Uno
Outdoor Time: Gardening
Other: Starfall (Noah helping Ava), Fun Brain math games

So what's on the agenda for tomorrow? Anything that gets us out of the house!

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