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Friday, June 12, 2009

Anatomy Apron

I am a complete sucker for teaching toys, and i'm definitely fueled by the fact that Noah loves them too (more so than regular toys in most cases). So when I stumbled upon this anatomy apron while doing research for my next human body co-op, I just couldn't resist. I'm trying to be more cautious with my purchasing these days, so I did consider making one instead. But with it being Ava's birthday week and all . . . well, I caved.

A trip to Lakeshore Learning was in order, so I stopped on my way to dance class one night. I have to go to Lakeshore alone with with a limited amount of cash; if I went with my debit card (or with two little ones egging me on) I'd leave with half the store. I couldn't resist a little peeking around and did end up with a science kit (on clearance - they're having a great sale now!) in addition to my intended purchase.

Just as I expected, Noah was beside himself when he saw it. Ava was napping, so she hasn't seen it yet, but I think it will be a great tool for her. The student helper at My Art Studio today talked with her intently about the different organs as they glued them onto her "body"; I still think of her as my baby and forget she can be learning this stuff too . . . but that's another post entirely.

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