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Friday, June 12, 2009

Body Art

So I should probably have mentioned by now that we're doing a unit on the human body this month. I love the idea of coordinating our SLC co-ops into monthly units, so I decided to put one together to see how it works.

A friend and I are teaching a series of five co-ops on the topic, as well as coordinating two field trips. And of course, we're doing a lapbook because I love them now.

Class 1: External Anatomy (how we're the same & different, DNA)
Class 2: You Are What You Eat (how what we eat affects our body)
Class 3: Inside Your Outsides (cells, internal organs, body systems)
Class 4: Move Your Body (how exercise affects our body)
Class 5: The Brain Game (the brain and the five senses)
Art Project: Body Art at My Art Studio
Field Trip: Kids Race at the Watermelon 5K

Today was our field trip to the art studio, and they did a wonderful job creating a project for us. The kids traced their bodies on large sheets of paper, then glued on internal organs. Each child created a paper shirt, which lifts up to show the organs underneath. Then, they were free to color or paint their face, hair and bodies any way they liked. It was fun to see the variety and creativity in their projects!

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