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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Art Projects for Human Body Unit Study

So we try to do an art project every Tuesday, either at home or at the museum. And since we had a free morning (and have been seriously slacking on our classroom time), I found a few that tied in well with our current unit study on the human body.
  • Complete the Face - For this one, I printed out a picture of half of Noah's face and let him complete the other side (we actually did a full-body version as well, which is not pictured). This was his least favorite of this morning's art projects, I think due to a lack of confidence in being able to get it "right". Once I assured him there was no wrong way to do it, he enjoyed it a bit more.
  • Body Part Art - This one was his favorite project by far, and honestly, he did a much better job of drawing on the internal organs than I could have without looking at a picture. Once done with the organs, he actually went back and did callouts of several of them to show more detail. I have to admit . . . this one's my favorite, too.
  • Build a Body - After cutting out body parts (head, torso, legs, etc.) from magazines, I let him mix and match them to make a few bodies. He really liked this one too (but for some reason insisted on adhering them with tape instead of glue).
Ava was busy stamping while he worked on this project, but in the middle of it all, she asked for help drawing a skeleton. That inspired Noah to draw a skeleton as well (not pictured), and while a bit out of proportion, it was pretty detailed. He is definitely an anatomy buff, and I'm glad that I decided to give unit studies a try. He's really been enjoying it, and I can tell he's learned a lot.

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