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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Science Discovery Kit

Well, I'm not sure how much good this post raving about our new Science Discovery Kit will do anyone because it doesn't appear to be sold anywhere at this time. I bought it recently on clearance at Lakeshore Learning, so perhaps they have a few left (although I couldn't find it on their website). But, my online search for a pretty picture of it turned up nothing (an pointed out the need for me to come up with a better photography setup!)

That said, since I blogged about an "old favorite" last week for Teaching Tool Tuesday, I thought I'd write about something new this week. As mentioned, I picked this up a few weeks ago but just broke it out last week; I thought Noah would appreciate it in the midst of Ava's birthday festivities - and he did!

I'm sure you've heard this before, but my boy could do science experiments around the clock. I'm trying my best to follow his interests, but sometimes squeezing in yet another experiment when I need to be starting dinner is hard to do - especially when I have to scrounge around for all the random supplies needed. What I like best about this kit is that most of the supplies required for each experiment are included in the kit; we can literally pull out an experiment card, do the experiment and learn the "why" behind what happened in a matter of minutes.

The supplies I pulled out for the photo are just a small sampling of what's actually included. They are housed in four topic drawers: Light & Color, Magnets, Rocks and Air & Water. Also included are a stack of experiment cards covering each topic. The chances of finding one may be slim, but if your child loves science, it's definitely worth looking.

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