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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Human Body Interactive Fact Finder

We are very fortunate to have an amazing collection of "teaching tools" - books, toys, DVDs and more. Some have given me buyer's remorse, and others I wouldn't want to live without. So, I'm going to attempt to share one of our favorites every Tuesday - hence "Teaching Tool Tuesday".

The first one not only fits in well with our current human body unit, but it's probably our all-time favorite. Noah spotted the Human Body Interactive Fact Finder in a catalog and added it to his "wish list" this past Christmas. He was thrilled to receive it as a gift, and it's been a favorite toy ever since.

What I like best is that it does more than just show where each organ is located. The buttons on the base let kids learn more about each organ, including it's location, size, function and the corresponding body system. There's also a quiz mode with more than 1000 questions to let them test their knowledge.

Before I knew it, my five-year-old was spouting off "the lungs are located inside the ribcage" and "the heart is part of the cardiovascular system", plus some interesting facts that I didn't even know. That is perhaps my favorite part of homeschooling - when the kids teach me something.

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