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Monday, June 15, 2009

Human Body Lapbook

January 2011 Update:

Just finished some upgrades to the blog, including getting all the lapbooking templates on a more reliable file hosting site. This one has been problematic to download in the past but should work perfectly now (and if not, please let me know!) You can download the template here. Happy homeschooling!!!

Original Post:

Okay, I love this lapbooking thing. I know I've only done two so far, but I think they've both turned out really cute!

This one corresponds with our human body unit study, so it touches on each of the topics we've taught: external anatomy, internal anatomy, DNA, cells, nutrition, exercise and the brain / five senses. I've posted the template for this one; here are the supplies you'll need:
  • 3 file folders (one for the book and one for each flap)
  • Print out of template
  • 2 small paper brads
  • 1 fastener (we used this to hold all the handouts for this unit)
  • Scissors, glue, hole punches, ribbon, markers & paint
For the cover:
I punched two little holes, tied a ribbon to each and made a bow to hold the lapbook closed. Then I put paint on Ava's hands and let her make handprints on the cover. Cute!

Outside of top flap:
When you open up the cover, you'll see the outside of the top flap. The "All About the Human Body" page they write their name on goes on the top, and the "Our Bodies are Made of" mini-book goes on the bottom. This one folds inwards from the top and bottom.

Outside of bottom flap:

Lift up the top flap to reveal the outside of the bottom flap. Paste the "How Our Bodies Grow" chart here.

Inside of the top flap:
Punch two holes at the top for your fastener; any handouts related to this unit go here.

Inside of the bottom flap:
The "You Are What You Eat" and "Be Active" mini-books go here.

Left flap:
Inside the left flap is for internal anatomy; the "Important Internal Organs" and "Major Systems" mini-books go here.

This section is "All About Me". First, have your child trace their hand, double over the paper and cut it out, leaving it attached at the tip of the thumb. Open it up and use ink to make a print of each finger. The "Birth to Now" mini-book shows how your child has changed since they were born. Fill out the "stats" and glue on the pictures. The "How Many Parts" pocket holds flashcards that use body parts to practice some math. Finally, the "What Are Genes" mini-book lets your child see what traits they may have gotten from family members.

Right flap:

The last section is about the brain and five senses. "The Human Brain" fan book attaches with a brad, and "The Five Senses" mini-book folds in from all sides.

Whew! I think that's it. Enjoy!


  1. Love it! I'm about to start a human body lapbook with my kiddos, so I'm searching out ones already done for ideas!

  2. Thanks so much! I hope it will be helpful to you. Feel free to download the related "Brain and Senses" materials as well. :)

  3. HOOORAAYY for you...and me. You ~ because you created an awesome lapbook. Me ~ because I found you! I'll link back when I post!

  4. Thanks so much, ladies! I always love to see comments from others who've found the material helpful. I like knowing that it's getting good use!!! :)

    Susan, thanks for the link. I look forward to reading about what you guys did with it.

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  6. Hi,
    Can I just say after searching for weeks on a great human body lapbook, yours is by far the best I've come across. All the print outs and cut outs...did you do them yourself, or are there links to download them?


  7. Hi Leslie. Thank you so much! Yes, I did put together the lapbook myself (I'm notorious for reinventing the wheel - LOL!), and I love for others to use it, too.

    You can download it from the home page of the blog. There's a section called "Curriculum to Share", and you'll find it there. If you have any trouble with the download, please let me know. :)

  8. Wonderful lapbook!
    I tried and tried to download it several times but the link didn't work for me. Would you mind emailing it to me?

  9. I'd be happy to - so sorry the link isn't working. Send me an e-mail (homeschoolinginheels at, and I'll get it right to you.