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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Four-Legged Food Drive

I would have loved to orchestrate some collective effort to raise funds / pet food donations for the Four-Legged Food Drive. But I'm starting to (occasionally) recognize when "one more thing" would be the thing that puts me over the edge. Although I'm passionate about this cause, I'm still trying to recover from a busy June and prepare for the upcoming school year.

So, I rounded up some Purina coupons and scored great deals on dog and cat food at Publix. For a total of $12, I was able to buy a 20 pound bag of dog food and two 5 pound bags of cat food. Instead of kicking myself for not doing more, I'm trying to remind myself that 30 pounds of food will really help someone who can't afford to feed their pets right now (although I really am bummed I couldn't do more).

This week we delivered 20 pounds of dog food to My Art Studio (their first donation!) and 10 pounds of cat food to B3. It was a nice bonus that two of our favorite places were collection points for the food drive.

The drive benefits the Central Florida Animal Pantry, a non-profit organization founded by a nine-year-old Central Florida boy who wanted to help struggling families keep their pets. It runs through August 1st, and donation information and collection points can be found on their website.

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