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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fun Field Trip Ends Our Human Body Unit Study

The last planned activity for our human body unit study was an outing to the kids' races at the Watermelon 5K. Truth be told, we'd have been there anyway - unit study or no unit study. The kids love these races; Noah has been running them since he was two, and Ava started earlier.

Track Shack does a wonderful job with their events, and the kids' races are no exception. They are free events for kids 12 and under held in conjunction with local 5K and 10K races. Kids race in one of three age groups: 6-12, 4-5 and 3 & under. It's usually a bit chaotic, and they seem to pick the start locations and distances on the fly . . . but hey, did I mention it's free?

I didn't get to see Noah's race (due to the aforementioned chaos), but I was able to get Ava to her starting line on time. She is adamant about running by herself and often looks over her shoulder to make sure I'm not following her. And to my surprise, she's always at the front of the pack.

Both kids always agree that the race was not long enough and usually run back and forth to the finish line for 15 minutes after the race is over. As always, it was a great start to our weekend and a great tie-in with what we've learned about the importance of exercise!

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