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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Camp

In case you haven't noticed yet, we're not the family that puts the "home" in "homeschooling". While I enjoy our time at home, we always gravitate towards being out and about. And as much as I like being on the go, the kids like it even more. Driving home after a VERY full day, they always ask where we're going next (and never like hearing "home to rest" as an answer). Keeping busy suits us all well since we all love experiencing new things - and as a bonus, it's easier to keep the house clean that way!

So this summer, we're trying a new experience - summer camp. In the past, Noah's camp experience has been limited to one or two half-days at The Little Gym. This year, we decided to try something educational and found several great options - in fact, since he really likes to do everything, the hardest part was figuring out which ones to choose.

Misty Forest - I've always been intrigued by Misty Forest, an enrichment center in Thornton Park offering a wide variety of holistic, environmentally-friendly classes like yoga and recycled art. So on Monday, Noah signed in for a day of Magic and Illusion camp, with the idea that if he liked it, we'd sign him up for a full week of Gardening camp later this month. While he had a great time, he decided that the six-hour timeframe was a little too much camp for him; maybe next year!

SPARK - Recently, I've been hearing great things about SPARK, a Winter Springs based enrichment center offering after school and homeschool programs. Currently, Noah is halfway through an etiquette class there, and he really likes it. Next week, he'll be trying out their Science camp to see if the half-day format works any better for him.

After that . . . we'll see. I'm still considering a Mad Science chemistry camp later this summer and checking on a half-day option at Misty Forest. And Noah did point out the "Summer Horse Camp" sign at the farm when he went for his lesson this morning. I wonder if that was a hint.

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