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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sum Swamp Addition and Subtraction Game

I'm beginning to think that Teaching Tool Tuesday isn't the best idea - mainly because Tuesday night is my main night to work. This is the second week in a row I've missed actually getting this done on Tuesday, but better late than never I hope.

To say that Noah loves games would be a huge understatement. Noah adores games. He would play all day long if that were a possibility. Current favorites include Go Fish and High Card (which I like playing) and chess (which I do not).

For our spring session, I decided to tap into this enthusiasm with a few learning games, and Sum Swamp is definitely a winner. Players roll three die - two containing numbers and a third containing plus and minus signs. Formulate the die into a math problem, and when you figure out the answer, move ahead that many spaces. Special squares also utilize knowledge of even/odd numbers and introduce the concept of negative numbers.

So far, learning games have been a big hit! He can't wait to play, and I love watching him learn.

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