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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Trip to the Museum of Arts and Sciences

If you haven't been to the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona yet, it's definitely worth the drive. While much smaller than the Orlando Science Center, their new children's museum provides a fun day packed with lots of learning opportunities.

We became members of MOAS earlier this year because they offer several preschool/homeschool classes each month (as opposed to OSC, which only has one per month and they repeat often). The teacher used to lead classes at the Smithsonian and is wonderful with the kids. Unfortunately, they changed the class time from mornings to afternoons, which didn't work for us due to Ava's nap. Too bad, since I was really impressed with both the quality and variety of classes. The ones Noah attended included Ocean Commotion, Space is the Place and Race Car Crazy.

Since we joined, MOAS and OSC have been working out the issue of reciprocol priveledges. Last I heard MOAS members residing in Volusia County could get free admission to OSC (but MOAS members in Seminole and Orange could not). The friends who joined us this week are OSC members, and their passes were accepted without question.

Permanent exhibits include a Radiology Center, Race Car Building Station, Pulleys (that's Noah using a pulley to give himself a ride) and much, much more. We also checked out the Chinese art exhibit when we studied China in January, and this time visited a new wing to see collectibles from an old-time train.

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