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Thursday, August 6, 2009

A-V-A Spells Ava!

Okay, well she's known that for quite a while. But the highlight of my week has definitely been my little girl starting to read three-letter words! As you know, she learns much differently than Noah does and if I push her, she definitely pushes back. I'm the same way, so I get where she's coming from and have just been waiting very patiently (and I'm not a patient person!) for her to become ready to learn.

Recently, she's been really enjoying Starfall and asking to work on her letters every day. I've been amazed by the amount she's learned in such a short time, but I guess she was just ready. Since she now knows all the letters and sounds, I wondered what would happen if we built a little word. I opened up my word processing software and typed CAT in a really huge font.

After just a few minutes of coaching, she read "cat", followed by "hat", "mat", "sat", "fat" and "rat". Since then we've worked on "ig", "it" and "un" words. Noah suggested that she try Starfall reading (we've just been doing the alphabet to this point), so that's our goal for tomorrow.

Of course I'm excited for her to learn, but the best part has been seeing how proud she is of herself; it's like she's just realized that learning can make her feel good.

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