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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What's Growing in My Garden

It seems that my spring garden is officially on its way out. The peppers are finished, the cantaloupe is drying up and the crazy tomatoes are done. Surprisingly, the eggplants are still growing strong, and my herbs, of course, are thriving.

Our work in the garden is mostly maintenance these days - watering, trimming, etc. - without a lot of reward. So it was certainly a nice surprise to enjoy a visit from this beautiful butterfly. She fluttered around Ava's marigolds for a good five minutes while we watched from just a foot or two away. We even saw her back the next day checking out Noah's plants.

For fall, we'll be making our first real attempt at starting from seed. Today, we planted tomatoes and peppers, next week will be broccoli and lettuce and we'll finish the following week with cucumber, squash and kale. I'm hoping that with a little work, the results will be just as good as they were for our first garden this spring!

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