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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Greenville, SC - Mice on Main

Last time we visited Greenville, I was really taken with Mice on Main, a downtown scavenger hunt to find nine bronze sculptures of mice, but we didn't have time to find them all. This time, we set out with this as our mission.

First, we visited the general store and purchased a copy of the book. Over coffee, we read through it and met the main characters - Marvin, Maggie and their cute mouse family - who in the story, set out for freedom and adventure in downtown Greenville. Each of the nine mice finds a spot downtown that represents something they love - here are the clues.

During our hunt, we found all nine mice and enjoyed a wonderful tour of the downtown area. We also found the Mice on Main letterbox! Of course, the kids are now obsessed with the mice and each took home a plush mouse souvenir.

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