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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Homeschooling in Orlando - Central Florida YMCA

Recently, I heard that the Longwood-Lake Mary YMCA was launching a Homeschool P. E. class. Although I was intrigued by the idea, it was only open to YMCA members. But after learning a little more about it, I decided it was worth joining just for this.

For only a little more than we used to spend for a once-a-week class Noah will now be going to P.E. twice a week at the YMCA. Two separate classes (one for ages 5-8 and another for ages 9 and above) are offered at no cost to YMCA members on Tuesday and Friday morning. Classes will include group sports, aquatics and games . . . there's even been talk of a kids' triathlon, which would be Noah's dream.

Noah's been playing with the boys in the neighborhood lately - football, hockey and other games. And it occurred to me that he really didn't know how to play any of these sports. Football, baseball, volleyball . . . if it ends in "ball", he probably isn't going to learn it from me. I'm glad that he will learn these skills while playing with his friends several times each week. He attended his first class today and was sorely disappointed when it ended!

In addition to the Homeschool P.E. classes, the YMCA offers a number of free youth classes in the afternoon, including Kid's Yoga, Kid's Zumba, Kid's Running Club, Kid's Fitness, Kid's Karaoke and Aqua Fun. Free parent/child classes in cooking, crafting and science are each held once a month.

For an additional fee, YMCA members can also participate in the Youth Swim Team ($50/month), Youth Sports ($75/session for soccer, basketball, flag football, T-ball and cheer) and Tae Kwon Do ($35/month).

YMCA family memberships cost $95 per month plus a joiner's fee (usually $150 but $50 off until September 20th). Members can use any YMCA location in the Central Florida area. Other locations may offer similar classes (I've heard that Oviedo offers Homeschool P.E. plus a wide variety of youth classes), so check the location nearest you for details.

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