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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Homeschooling in Orlando - More on the YMCA

I'm happy to report that our first week as YMCA members has been wonderful. Busy, but wonderful.

The homeschool P.E. class is all I hoped it would be - a chance for Noah to be active with his friends a few times a week while learning specific sports skills he'll most likely never learn from me. Tuesday was soccer and touchball; Friday was swimming. Actually, I can handle swimming, but Noah is very competitive and definitely pays more attention when swimming with the other (mostly older) kids.

Last week, both kids attended Kids Yoga and loved it; the instructor did a great job keeping the poses kid-friendly and engaging the kids throughout the class. The class ended up being cut short to start the Kids Zumba class, which was moved to this room due to remodeling in the main studio. Noah jumped right in and enjoyed this class as well.

This week, we went for Running Club and both kids had a ball. After some running drills, they were timed in an obstacle course and had some free time in the gym. The sight of Ava charging through the hurdles and loving it (you can see her in the background in the picture above) was in itself worth the monthly membership fee (well, not really, but you get the point . . . it was ADORABLE!)

Later in the week, we're planning to check out the Aqua Fun class as well as the Itty Bitty Sports program (free at the Oviedo YMCA but an additional fee at Lake Mary for some reason). I love that Ava has been able to participate in a lot of the afternoon classes even though she is too young for P.E. And, of course, having so many options available at no additional cost is fantastic!

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