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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Plant / Gardening Co-op - Week 2

Week two of our plants / gardening series was once again a hit with Noah. He's been obsessed with Venus Fly Traps ever since he saw a video about them on NeoK12 (a great site with links to videos on many topics), so he was thrilled when he found out we were learning about different types of carnivorous plants.

The second topic for the day - hydroponics - included an activity in which the kids made their own hydroponic system for a pepper plant. Noah, of course was thrilled, since adding new plants to his garden is his main goal in life (at this moment, at least)!

Back at home, we've been observing our bean sprouts from class one. To be honest, we hadn't been tracking their growth in the log because it seemed like they were the same size (barely sprouting) for most of the week. Imagine our surprise when this one shot up over the course of one day!

We're also tending to our fall seedlings, harvesting a bumper crop of eggplant and looking forward to what we'll learn next week!

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