Is it possible to be a dedicated homeschooling mom while still making time for myself as an individual (a girlie girl who likes cute shoes)? I like to think so. Follow along, and I'll let you know for sure.

Trust me . . . it's not ALL about the shoes.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Shoe Factor

Confession time . . . I bought the shoes. Did I need them? Of course not. But they just kept calling me. And they went on sale - big time.

I'm not in the habit of buying pricey shoes for no reason, but they fit into my budget for the month and hey . . . they're on my blog! And I have to say that I'm enjoying them quite a bit.

Is it silly to get happy from shoes? Maybe. But you know what? Happy is happy. And happy is good.

On our recent trip to the Carolinas, I was delighted to see a wig shop in every town. Wigs make me happy, too, and you can't find a good wig shop on every corner around here. I never really thought about wearing a wig before I started performing as a bellydancer, but now I'm hooked. I don't wear them every day by any means - just for my performances and once in a while for a night on the town - and I find wig shopping to be every bit as fun as wig buying.

I think I've always loved the idea of having instantly fabulous (and fabulously different) hair - but somehow dabbling in wigs for no reason didn't seem acceptable. Of course, I focus much less on what is acceptable these days and much more on being true to who I am.

So as I get back to rediscovering who I am after losing myself in motherhood for several years, I'm taking notes. Shoes are fun . . . wigs are fun . . . sundresses, bellydance costumes (super fun!), coffee (decaf please), sushi, martinis, a good vegan restaurant, a night out with the girls, a night in with my husband, a night of snuggling with my kids, dancing with my kids, listening to their jokes, watching them sleep, editing photos, sleeping in, a quiet house, being home alone, traveling.

How different this looks than the list I would have made in my pre-Mommy days. Am I still the same person? Different? I can't decide. But either way, I'm good with the me I am right now and feeling increasingly blessed these days (of course, as noted in my previous post on balance, a decent night's sleep goes a LONG way to improve my attitude).


  1. I have to tell you, Jess- I was reading through your last few posts, and Logan brought a stool over to have a better view of the computer screen. Guess what he does? Immediately points to the heels and says, "Pretty!" Yep, that's my boy! Training him up with style!!

  2. LOL! Yes, if he's going to love shoes, he may as well love nice shoes. :)