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Friday, November 20, 2009

Washington DC / Thanksgiving / Traveling Lapbook

We're down to about nine hours until we leave for our Thanksgiving trip. We'll be visiting my family in Virginia (with day trips to DC) until Wednesday, when we'll leave to spend the holiday in Pennsylvania with Jim's family.

We spent the morning working on some Enchanted Learning Curriculum on DC and its landmarks. In looking for a way to capture all the amazing experiences, I decided to put together a lapbook on our trip. Here's what it includes (along with a sneak peek at what it looks like so far):
  • Map of our route
  • Blank graph for charting the miles driven each day
  • USA mini-book with info on Washington DC
  • Graphic map of Washington DC
  • Mini-book on the Washington Monument (to be completed after our tour)
  • Mini-book on DC Monuments (to be completed after our tour)
  • Mini-book on US currency (to be completed after visiting BEP)
  • Place for two fall leaves fan books (one listing my family members; the other for Jim's)
  • Pocket for photos of family members

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