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Thursday, January 21, 2010

DuathLONG Training

So when Noah told me a few months ago that he wanted to start a club, I was imagining the "secret knock" variety that involved a handwritten "Kids Only" sign on the door. But no, I soon found out . . . he wanted to start a triathlon training club.

But since kids' triathlons are in short supply, we settled on the Kids Tri 2 Spring Duathlon coming up in March. He'd done his first duathlon almost a year and a half ago (at age four) and loved it, but we hadn't found another race since.

He was really excited at the prospect of racing again, and - even more so - of having his friends do it with him. So this week we held the first meeting of the DuathLONG (his name) Training Club. Jim was on hand to do safety checks on the bikes and helmets, and then we were (literally) off and running. We had 10 little ones, ages 3-7 head out to run, bike and learn what exactly a duathlon is.

Hopefully, they all had a blast (I know that mine did!) It was fantastic to see so many of them asking to go "just one more time!" And we will . . . next week.

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