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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free Homeschooling

Well, I thought I was headed to bed at a relatively decent hour tonight. At least until I decided to check out the latest Facebook buzz amongst my homeschooling friends . . . Free Homeschooling 101. After, tooling around on the Facebook fan page, I found my way to the blog . . . wow, this is going to take a while!

So far, I've seen some favorites (such as NeoK12 and IXL), but I've already stumbled upon many great, new, FREE homeschooling resources conveniently organized by subject - everything from history and language arts to astronomy and typing. Just wanted to pass along this great resource; can't wait to explore it more myself. In the morning, that is.


  1. Love your blog...and Free Homeschooling! Thanks so much for the nod. :o)

  2. Of course! You have no idea how many positive, grateful comments this post received on FB from homeschool mamas thrilled to find all the great resources you've put together. :)