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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Homeschool Enrichment Classes at Misty Forest

Noah's only taken a few classes at Misty Forest, but he's always had a great time and I've been very pleased with the types and content of classes they offer and their unique approach to education. From their website:

Misty Forest is an enrichment center for children, families and the community that offers alternative education focused on self esteem and being green. Classes, projects, groups and clubs are just a few of the offerings here at Misty Forest. Our goal is to create a place where children and parents can come to find the tools, skills, support, encouragement and confidence to evolve, enrich, enhance and become who they hope, and are meant to be.

Last year, they started a once-a-week homeschool program, offering a half day of classes for homeschool students of all ages. We're still waiting for the right mix of classes to meet Noah's interests, but I wanted to share their current schedule in case they're a great fit for anyone else. The K-6 enrichment program meets every Thursday from 9:30AM - 1:30PM with classes in Sign Language, Magic and Music. Classes run in six week sessions, and multiple-class discounts are available.

Misty Forest also offers after-school classes and summer camps. Details can be found on the website.


  1. This plan seems similar to what I plan to do with JJ next year at Circle Christian School. It's a one-day-a-week program as well :)

  2. 雖然說上班很累,不過還是得努力應付每一天,看看文章休息一下,謝謝你哦! ..................................................

  3. Thanks for posting about this Jessica! The actual website address for the Home Education Center is

    Gretchen Goel, Primary School Coordinator

  4. Jessica,

    I'd like to get a quote from you about homeschooling for an article we're writing in an upcoming issue. Would you be willing to give us a quote? If so, (even if not), will you please email me directly and let me know your interest?
    Thank you!

  5. Thanks for the link, Gretchen. Jenny, I'm e-mailing you now. :)

  6. Perhaps you'd like to check out our curriculum on China or Save the many others as homeschool curriculum. Just for fun to supplement your great looking curriculum. We're all about learning by doing...hands-on and interactive.

  7. Thanks, Lisa. I look forward to checking it out! :)