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Friday, September 3, 2010

Field Trip Friday - Young People's Concert at Orlando Philharmonic

Wow! I know the Young People's Concerts at the Orlando Philharmonic were popular, but I when I checked the website today, I was stunned to see that both the September and October dates have already sold out. I'll certainly be snapping up some tickets for the November show while they're still available.

Last year was my first attending this event, although Noah had actually been the year before with my mom. This year's program, The Nature of Music, is designed to introduce students to how composers utilize the different elements of music to convey ideas, images and emotions. A teacher's guide, program notes and suggestions for active listening experiences can be downloaded from their website; we used these tools last year, and they definitely added to our experience and the kids' appreciation of the music.

The concerts take place at the Bob Carr Performing Art Center in Orlando, and tickets - buy them now! - cost $5/person.

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