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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Teaching Tool Tuesday - Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace, Jr.

Don’t tell, but my wish lists at Lakeshore Learning and Amazon are much longer than the one I have at Honestly, I’m a complete sucker for books and educational games, software and toys. But this past year I’ve honed my ability to discern which tools will be fun once or twice and which ones we'll use over and over . . . and I’ll be sharing our favorites with you every Tuesday. 

We just rolled in from vacation at three o'clock this morning . . . ut;s always hard to see such a wonderful adventure end, but I'm eager to get things rolling for our now-delayed start to school. One of the nice surprises awaiting us when we returned home was our Financial Peace, Jr. kit from Dave Ramsey.

I was clearly not meant to work on the money lapbook on vacation as I'd planned (think forgotten power cords, malfunctioning software, etc.), but we're still going to be diving into our study of money very soon. So I was excited to open up the kit and see exactly what I had to work with.

The core of this package - or at least the part I was most excited about - was the Junior's Adventures boxed set. Each book focuses on a different money-related theme, including spending, saving, giving, work, debt and integrity. To put the information practice, the Teaching Kids About Money kit includes a Commission (his term for Allowance) worksheet, an audio CD, calculator and coin case, a worksheet for saving up to buy a specific item and an envelope system for dividing money for different causes (saving, spending and sharing).

Our money unit will start with the history of money, so it will be a few months before we're ready to break out the Dave Ramsey in the classroom. But from what I can tell, I already like what I see!

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