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Trust me . . . it's not ALL about the shoes.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cute Crocs at a Great Price

I am so not a Crocs fan, but the kids just love them. And I have to admit that they are pretty practical, especially here in Florida. Still, when Ava's disappeared last year, I tried to downplay it (and load her up on cute, sparkly sandals) so she wouldn't ask for another pair. We've managed without them all summer, but every once in a while she still asks.

I'd planned to hold off on buying new ones until next summer - that is, until I saw this great deal on Smart Couponing today. As the deal of the week over on the Crocs website, these Gabby flats are on sale for only $9.99 until October 13th. They come in seven color options, with five of those being some shade of pink or purple.

Add in the coupon codes "ALLYOU20" for 20% off and "secondchance" for free shipping, and you'll end up with a cute pair of Crocs for only $7.99 including shipping. This great deal will make for both a happy Ava and a happy mama!


  1. Thanks Jess! I bought each of the three girls a pair a size up for next summer for $23 shipped! We got pink lemonade color, what did Ava get?

  2. So glad! We got the pink lemonade as well. It was hard deciding between all that pink. :)

  3. What a great deal. Thanks!