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Friday, October 1, 2010

Field Trip Friday - 2010 Orlando Solar Tour

My kids love being on the go as much as I do. If we all had our way, every day would be a field trip! We’ll be home more this year, but every Friday, I’ll be sharing a field trip that we’ve done or have planned, along with how we tied it in to our studies at home.

This weekend's planned field trip is a long-awaited and highly-anticipated visit to the Ferrari dealership, which was Noah's request as part of our unit study on cars. But yesterday I ran across another great event happening in town tomorrow and both kids want to go, so it look like we're having Field Trip Saturday this week!

As part of the National Solar Tour, businesses and homes in Central Florida are playing host to the 2010 Orlando Solar Tour. Details and locations of the self-guided tour are available on the event page. Here's the info from their website:

On Saturday, October 2nd, thousands of solar-powered homes and buildings in 49 states will be open for public tours as part of the 15th annual American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour. Here in Central Florida, there will be twelve homes and businesses on the tour. The National Solar Tour offers an opportunity to see how others in your community are putting reliable solar power and energy efficient technologies to work. Come meet the owners and see how they have made solar energy a part of their lives.

If you have a budding scientist on your hands - especially one obsessed with alternative energy like mine is - this sounds like a great chance to see solar energy in action!

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