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Friday, October 8, 2010

Field Trip Friday - New Homeschool Art Classes at OMA

My kids love being on the go as much as I do. If we all had our way, every day would be a field trip! We’ll be home more this year, but every Friday, I’ll be sharing a field trip that we’ve done or have planned, along with how we tied it in to our studies at home.

While browsing the Orlando Museum of Art website, I noticed that they now offer a once-a-month homeschooling class with our favorite teacher, Mrs. Cross. The classes will take place on Friday afternoons from 1-3PM, and the cost is $20/class. 

September 24 - Drawing with Pen and Ink (plus sharpies and microns) - Edward Gorey
October 22 – Printmaking
November 5 - Painting Exploration - Canvas and Watercolor

I'm going to get some details when we're there for Art Adventures next week - specifically to see if there's a minimum age and if parents stay or drop off. Either way, it sounds like something my two would love!

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